Sunday, 27 January 2013

New blog section plus blog updates :)

Hey everyone. Some tiny blog updates.

1. Moved my followers right up to the top of my navigation bar coz you guys are one of the main reasons this blog runs :) xx

2. Added a link button to my blog. If you want to swap link buttons, just comment here or mail me! The button's in the footer below :))

3. I'm working on a customized blog template and hopefully that'll be up soon :)

4. Added a list of popular posts.

Also, since I'm so obsessed with celebrity makeup and style, I've thought of doing a 'Celebrity Looks of the Week' section in which I'll be posting some pics of my fave celeb makeup plus outfits that week. :) So here's this week's top three celebrity looks:


Hi everyone! It's the weekend again :D Everyone close to me knows that I'm Garfield part 2; I HATE Mondays! Anyway, so yesterday I headed out to a nearby mall and went crazy (as usual) Here are some of the things I bought:

I bought this spaghetti strapped top from Remanika in Shoppers' Stop. It has beautiful mirror work on the waist area, otherwise it's just plain with print. The bottom half of the top has cars as print! So cute right :D

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The weekend's here! :)

Hello lovelies! x This post is going to be short. College has begun and although the workload hasn't reached it's usual level, I still have LOTS of stuff to do. This weekend however, I look forward to finally going out :)

I had thought of doing a product review, Avon's Supershock Max mascara, but I didn't get the time :/ that'll probably be my next review :) have you used the mascara?

One thing I've been wanting to post about for a while now is the Golden Globes fashion. Whenever there's a red carpet event like this, I'm the first to check out 'best-dressed' etc etc articles on the net! haha

So who were my favourites?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Wishlist for the first 2013 shopping spree!

So like I said, a major, major haul is on the cards. I didn’t shop at all for New Year this time, and I’d really like to make it up! ;)

Instead of blogging about what I bought (which I will!) I wanted to first get some opinions :)

A few things on my wishlist are:

1. A pretty blouse in a baby pink/blush-toned colour

I’m not a ‘pink-girly-girl’ kinda person but sadly light pink is one of the best colours for my skin tone. I’m definitely looking forward to picking up a lovely top that I can wear on maybe dark wash jeans for my college’s fest!

Something like this: (but maybe with short sleeves)

Image source :
or this:

Image source :

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser Review

So today I bought the Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser.
It’s supposed to be suitable for normal to oily skin.
This is the second Neutrogena product I’ve used (after their pimple clearing cream). So let’s see how it turned out!

Quantity: 50 ml

Price: 95 INR