Sunday, 27 January 2013

New blog section plus blog updates :)

Hey everyone. Some tiny blog updates.

1. Moved my followers right up to the top of my navigation bar coz you guys are one of the main reasons this blog runs :) xx

2. Added a link button to my blog. If you want to swap link buttons, just comment here or mail me! The button's in the footer below :))

3. I'm working on a customized blog template and hopefully that'll be up soon :)

4. Added a list of popular posts.

Also, since I'm so obsessed with celebrity makeup and style, I've thought of doing a 'Celebrity Looks of the Week' section in which I'll be posting some pics of my fave celeb makeup plus outfits that week. :) So here's this week's top three celebrity looks:

Number 3:
Taylor Swift at the NRJ Music Awards

I usually like what Taylor Swift wears at the Red Carpet and this event was no exception. I thought her nude, sequined dress was beautiful and her makeup was standard Taylor Swift - nude lips and heavily made up eyes.

Number 2:  
Kerry Washington
I loved her lip color, it suits her skin tone beautifully and makes such a statement! Also love her long-ish scrunched up bob.

And at Number 1:
Jennifer Garner
I love her. She's so beautiful and just perfect :') I loved her hair and makeup. And it's no secret that I love black, so her dress too was gorgeous imo.

That's it for today :) 'till next time ladies! xx


  1. Nice post Looking forward to see more celebrity posts.:)
    i really like Taylor Swift.:)

  2. Great post. :)
    Thanks for visiting, following you now. :)


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