Sunday, 13 January 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser Review

So today I bought the Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser.
It’s supposed to be suitable for normal to oily skin.
This is the second Neutrogena product I’ve used (after their pimple clearing cream). So let’s see how it turned out!

Quantity: 50 ml

Price: 95 INR

There is no ingredients list mentioned. That is somewhat understandable since the bottle is so tiny. I’d have liked to see the ingredients nonetheless. Neutrogena is a good and reliable brand though so I’m not too worried about that.

Claim: a penetrating and thorough cleanser that improves your complexion

My experience with this product:
I’ve used tons of face washes. Not ‘deep’ cleansers per se, but still. I’ve used Himalaya face washes and scrubs, Clean n Clear face washes (currently I’m using the morning energy face wash in brightening  berry) and I’ve also used Ponds face washes (the ‘white beauty’ one etc). Since I have combination skin that’s prone to dryness, most face washes that I use dry out my skin so that I have to use a mild moisturizer afterwards.

The instructions do mention that ‘if you experience dryness, use less frequently’ so I picked it up thinking I’ll do just that. Plus I guess you don’t need deep cleansing that often, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, lol :)

So anyway, on using this face wash, I noticed that it doesn’t lather much. I initially took a pea-sized amount and there was practically no lather or soapy feeling. So I took a bit more. It feels very gentle on my skin. It also washes off quite easily. On patting my skin dry it looked cleaner and fresher. Awesome! :D

As for the dryness, I was quite surprised to notice that it didn’t dry out my skin as much as the Clean n Clear Morning Energy face wash. In fact I actually feel that I can maybe skip moisturizer after using this cleanser (although I won’t unless it’s humid because my skin can get really dry) whereas after using the Clean n Clear one, I can see the skin around my lips looking whitish coz of drying. Eeeks!

So, would I recommend the Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser? Yes I would :) Although it’s slightly expensive it’s good value for money. So go get it! Your skin will thank you.

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