Saturday, 19 January 2013

The weekend's here! :)

Hello lovelies! x This post is going to be short. College has begun and although the workload hasn't reached it's usual level, I still have LOTS of stuff to do. This weekend however, I look forward to finally going out :)

I had thought of doing a product review, Avon's Supershock Max mascara, but I didn't get the time :/ that'll probably be my next review :) have you used the mascara?

One thing I've been wanting to post about for a while now is the Golden Globes fashion. Whenever there's a red carpet event like this, I'm the first to check out 'best-dressed' etc etc articles on the net! haha

So who were my favourites?

I'm such a big Selena Gomez fan. She's gorgeous, talented and my age! And her entire ensemble at the after-party was just WOW. I think her hair and make-up was one of the best she's ever sported.

Image source

    Other favourites of mine were Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox, both in beautiful form-fitting gowns. I love Anne Hathaway's pixie, even though I don't like hair that short on women :/ but she just rocks it!

    Image source

    Image source

    I also loved Megan Fox's make-up. She looks so fresh and dewy, simply radiant! Especially adore the way she's done her lips.And her earrings!! Siighhh 

    Image source

    Who was your favourite at the Golden Globes? Leave a comment :)
    'Till next time! xx


    1. Nice post. I love Megan fox and her makeup a lot.
      the way is does her eyes is inspiring.
      review the mascara soon!!

      1. Me too.. thanks for stopping by :) I'll try to review it asap!! xx

      2. Sure dear.. will wait!!.:)


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