Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nivea versus Avon Lip balms

Hi! Today I'm going to do mini reviews of Avon as well as Nivea lip balms, and then do a quick comparison of the two :)

Avon Naturals Lip Balm (Strawberry)
This has been my go-to lip balm since forever. I have always had dry lips, prone to chapping. Even petroleum jelly doesn't help them. When I tried Avon some 6-7 years back (at that time, this lip balm used to come in a tub!) and it helped soften my lips, I never looked at another lip balm. I buy four or five of these every once in a while and use them pretty much throughout the year.

The 'strawberry' shade is decently pigmented so that it shows on my relatively pigmented lips. It has a nice, fruity fragrance and stays on for a modest period of time (depending on how much you apply)
The colour is build-able.

I usually get it at a discount price of about 50-60 INR per lip balm (quantity is 4g)

I think this is one of Avon's best selling products, because like they do with other good products, they've revamped its packaging (and of course, hiked the price) and they claim to have improved the formula. I haven't tried the new and improved version yet. Have you?

Nivea Fruity Shine (in Strawberry)
Yes yes, I love strawberry :P Anyhow, the label says "discover a delicious strawberry scent and fabulous red shimmer"
Well, that's true. The scent is very natural and the pigmentation is more red than pink.
I just bought this lip balm so I'll let you know in a comment about how my lips reacted to it. As of now, it doesn't feel heavy on my lips and it smells great so yeah! :D

The added advantage here is that it has spf 10.
The quantity is 4.8g for INR 130

So now onto the comparison:

You should go for Avon if:

You want a more pinkish colour
You want less shimmer. The avon one is kinda glossy but it doesn't have shimmer.
You don't want to spend too much.
You have dry lips. It heals chapped and dry lips
You like the strawberry smell that's in perfumes (for example). I mean that the smell is a bit artificial. I love it, but in comparison to the Nivea one, you'll find a difference
The taste is very sweet, strawberry-flavoured. :)
It disappears completely after a few hours without staining. (This is a serious con for people with dry lips. My lips return to being dry and dark :/ )

You should go for Nivea if:

You want a more reddish colour. The colour is more red than pink. So it's more visible on pigmented lips.
If you like shimmer, go for this. It has a significant amount of shimmer.
It has spf!!
It has the natural strawberry smell - sweet-and-sour fruity kind.
It stains slightly. If you like to have some residual colour on your lips, this is the one to get.
No taste, so lesser chances of your eating it away :P

Swatches below: 

The below (left) one is Avon and the above (right) one is Nivea.
The first pic is in artificial light. The latter two are in natural light.
I've used one swipe each of both.

Lip swatch : 

2 (generous) swipes of Nivea:

Have you tried these lip balms? What's your experience with them? Leave a comment :)

Edit 1 - After about 4 hours of wearing Nivea, I can say with certainty that this lip balm is amazing :) it moisturizes and adds a lovely red colour. I'd really recommend it for pigmented lips. Loved it so much that I put up a lip swatch ;)


  1. I've tried the Nivea lip balm in strawberry (love strawberry!) but I didn't enjoy using it. I liked the sweet and tart scent though so I used it all up anyways!

  2. Aww yeah, there are better lip balms in the market.. I've used Avon for so long guess I needed the change haha! I love strawberry too :D xx


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