Monday, 14 January 2013

Wishlist for the first 2013 shopping spree!

So like I said, a major, major haul is on the cards. I didn’t shop at all for New Year this time, and I’d really like to make it up! ;)

Instead of blogging about what I bought (which I will!) I wanted to first get some opinions :)

A few things on my wishlist are:

1. A pretty blouse in a baby pink/blush-toned colour

I’m not a ‘pink-girly-girl’ kinda person but sadly light pink is one of the best colours for my skin tone. I’m definitely looking forward to picking up a lovely top that I can wear on maybe dark wash jeans for my college’s fest!

Something like this: (but maybe with short sleeves)

Image source :
or this:

Image source :

2. Medium-heeled pumps

I think I’d like peep-toes. I don’t have any peep-toed shoes and I think they just look super cute! I'm absolutely in love with the Marks and Spencer pumps. They look amazing and they juts somehow stand out! The heels aren't too pointed and I think they'll be somewhat easier to walk in, atleast for a rookie like me

They look somewhat like the ones Kate Middleton wears so often:

3. Peep-toed or closed ballerina flats. These are a must! Lol

Image source :

4. As far as make-up goes, I haven’t really thought of anything. i have plenty of new beauty products that I am still yet to ‘inaugurate’ (and review!)

Do you have any latest beauty faves? Any new wardrobe additions? Let me know :) leave a comment!


  1. Great list, I want the ballet shoes :)


    1. Thanks :) yeah me too those are top priority haha x

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! hopefully they'll be in my wardrobe soon haha x


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