Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hi everyone! It's the weekend again :D Everyone close to me knows that I'm Garfield part 2; I HATE Mondays! Anyway, so yesterday I headed out to a nearby mall and went crazy (as usual) Here are some of the things I bought:

I bought this spaghetti strapped top from Remanika in Shoppers' Stop. It has beautiful mirror work on the waist area, otherwise it's just plain with print. The bottom half of the top has cars as print! So cute right :D

I bought two kurtas. The black one is from W and the beautiful multi-colored one is from Fusion Beats :)
For my non-Asian readers (if there are any lol) a kurta is this long top kinda thing with slits on the sides that you can wear with leggings or jeans :)

Next, I bought this lace/net top. It's black with golden shimmer. This one was SO hard to photograph. I'm really happy with this because lace tops are so in right now and black lace just looks gorgeous on any skin tone!

Next, I bought this lovely peach-toned peasant top. I bought this from Shoppers' Stop. I adore peasant tops and I've wanted one since like FOREVER.

My last top (in this haul haha!) is a shiny oxblood red coloured top from Wills Lifestyle's 'clublife' collection. It's kinda asymmetric and has pleats in the lower left (you can see in the bottom right photograph) Also has some detailing on the neck (top right pic)

Okay, now for the accessories :D

I bought these two lovely long earrings from 'Add-Ons for women'. I've never been to this store before and I was pleasantly surprised by their collection - affordable and pretty. The semi-oxidized silver earrings are great for ethnic looks and I plan to wear them with a saree sometime :)
See a pic of Aishwarya Rai in a saree here, if you're not familiar with the garment :)

I also bought a bracelet from Globus which was a bit steep price-wise but it's just so pretty, I couldn't help myself! Plus it'll go beautifully with my lace black and remanika tops :)

Finally I picked up two nail colours from New U. One is a lovely neon orangish-pink and the other a sparkly blue:

What did you like best from this haul? Got anything to share about your latest haul? Let me know, leave a comment!

Until next time, ladies xx


  1. Nice haul Adi.:)
    I liked the bracelet a lot. its beautiful.
    and the tops too.:)

  2. Hi Adi, I like the print on the black Kurta from W. Also like those earrings!

  3. That multi coloured Kurta is gorgeous. I've never heard of a Kurta before. Also the globes bracelet is stunning! I don't wear colour nearly enough. I think i will try to wear more colour this Summer. Great post.

    1. Yeah it's kinda like a tunic. :) I've always been a black-loving girl, I think most of my clothes are in black. started experimenting with colour only recently, it's fun! :D xx

  4. Lovely haul! That red shirt looks beautiful!


  5. Love the earrings and that red top is so pretty. Love the colours on that multi coloured Kurta!

    Lizzums x

    (ps, you said you subscribed to my blog via e-mail but it says there are no new followers via email so it didn't work if you actually did try and subscribe x)

    1. Hi Lizzums :) thanks a lot!! And yeah I hadn't seen the confirmation email. I think it's okay now. :) Let me know if it isn't! xx


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